Rockface Steps

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Note: ALL STEPS AND RISERS MUST BE PURCHASED FROM A BUILDING SUPPLY YARD. We do not sell these products direct to retail customers (that includes builders, contractors, homeowners, etc.). Please check out Find A Supply Yard page to find a yard near you.

NuCast's Rockface Steps will match your home's unique aesthetic. These steps come in two versions: Version I has a brick-like texture on the sides and front faces of the base, while Version II has smooth faces. (See second picture above for images of both versions.) At this time, both versions of steps come in 7" rise, and, either 3' or 4' widths. Please check out our cut sheet for more information on dimensions, pallet counts, and more.

NuCast Rockface Step Cut Sheet

See our corresponding riser line!

While we take every measure to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards, precast concrete is a naturally porous material, making it susceptible to water damage. Using a high-quality and silicone-based sealer is always a good idea to further protect your precast products and help keep them looking new. You can find the appropriate sealers at your local hardware store or building supply yard.